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About the Blender Wiki Manual PDF

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About Blender Wiki PDF Manual

ON this site you can download an unofficial PDF version of the Blender Wiki Manual pages.

I produced this PDF copy for my personal use since I needed it to learn using Blender, and I could not find an up to date alternative to my knowledge. I've read that Blender documentation is released under the Open Content License ( This license is reported at the end of this pages, below. I am trying to stick to this licence, but i'm no license expert: if you feel something is wrong, just let me know why and possibly how to fix.

Modifications to the wiki content

I did not modify the content of the wiki pages except for removing the parts typical of a web page, which are not needed in a "book", since you don't have to browse through web links, but scroll pages.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 09 February 2011 08:32